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These positions may be called to a slave at any given time. Slaves are encouraged to practice them IRL before a mirror, so that the description on IRC is more flowing. By foolishly typing a position that you have never attempted, your actions on IRC may look silly, unbecoming, impossible, or the position might be plain wrong. Any of which would not only embarrass you, but displease your Master, and pleasing your Master is your most important objective. Once placed in any position by a Master DO NOT speak unless the Master who placed you there asks a question!


This position may be used as punishment, display or for the transporting of a girl, she lays on her stomach, face down and with her cheek and breasts pressed to the floor, face turned to the left with her wrists crossed behind her back. Her ankles are usually crossed, as well, as if for binding. The Master may have the binding fibers at his belt, used those wounds around her waist and holding her garment, or even bid the kajira to approach with them held in her teeth.

Bara, Kajira! he said. She rolled quickly to her stomach, placing her wrists behind her, crossed and crossing her ankles, ready to be bound.
Page 77, Explorers of Gor.

"Bara," said Mincon to Tula. "Bara," said I to Feiqua. Both slaves went immediately to their bellies, their heads to the left, their wrists crossed behind their backs, their ankles also crossed. It is a common binding position. p. 145, Mercenaries of Gor

Bara!" he snapped.
I flung myself to my belly in the grass, putting my hands behind me, wrists crossed, and crossing my ankles, too.
Dancer of Gor, page 415

"Bara, Kajira!" he said. She rolled quickly to her stomach, placing her wrists behind her, crossed, and crossing her ankles, ready to be bound.
Explorers of Gor p77


In this position, she falls to the floor face down, her forehead resting flat on the surface, or her left cheek pressed to the floor, her arms at her sides or clasped behind her back, sometimes bound, with her knees, never touching and crawls to the Master on her belly. It could be used for punishment, to display submission, or as part of an erotic dance.

Approach me on your belly, I said. She squirmed to the table, her hands still behind her.
Page 75. Renegades of Gor.

The slave moves to her belly, hands palms down near the sides of her head, forehead to the ground and waits for further orders
"Stop," he said. "To your belly."
Then I was on my belly, on the tiles, my hands at the sides of my head, prone, before his curule chair.
Kajira of Gor p427


This, while not technically a command, is still an action the slave should remember. If something is thrown over her head she must remain silent and motionless until freed from it.
(position): when a blanket or cloak or covering of any sort is thrown over a slave girl she may not speak or rise; she must remain silent until the blanket is lifted by a free person.

then threw the second blanket, the top blanket over her, covering her completely. When a blanket, or cloak, or covering of any sort, is thrown over a slave like this she may not speak or rise. She must remain as she is, silent, until the master, or some free man, lifts the covering away.
Explorers of Gor, page 94

I then threw the second blanket, the top blanket over her, covering her completely. When a blanket, or cloak, or covering of any sort, is thrown over a slave like this she may not speak or rise. She must remain as she is, silent, until the master , or some free man, lifts the covering away."
Explorers of Gor p94

Bound by Master's Will

Not a true position technically. Bound by Master's Will implies that the girl will stay in any position she is told to stay in until released as if she was truly bound by ropes that hold her there.
phrase) refers to a slave being commanded to hold position as though bound, hands clasping opposite wrists until she is released.

Your hands are now bound behind your back," he said "Yes, Master," I said. I must now keep my hands or wrists in contact with one another, and behind my back. I was now "bound by the master's will." I could not separate my hands or wrists from one another now without permission. There are many ways, of course, of "binding by the master's will". The behind-the-back position is one of the simplest and loveliest. This exposes the girl, frames the beauty of her breasts and makes her helpless. That the bond is a "will bond," too, makes clear to her the power of the master over her.
Dancer of Gor, page 277

One of the simplest and perhaps the most typical way of "binding by the master's will" is simply to have the girl grasp her left wrist with her right hand behind her back.
Magicians of Gor, page 388

"She wore the `bonds of the master's will.' Grunt had put her in them. She could not rise to her feet. Yet there was not a rope or strap on her body. She was `bound by the master's will.' She could not move from this position unless, at the word of a free person, she was freed from it. To break the position otherwise is to be instantly slain."
Blood Brothers of Gor p. 248


In this standard binding position the girl turns to face away from the Master, back and shoulders straight, wrists held at the small of the back for ease in attaching slave bracelets
Kneels, thighs spread wide, back arched, arms extended before his/her with wrists pressed together with head held high with eyes lowered submissively.

"Bracelets!" I said in Gorean harshly. The girl snapped to position, hands behind the small of her back, head lifted, chin up, turned to the left. In such a posture she may be conveniently put in bracelets and leashed.
Tribesmen of Gor, page 78

"Bracelets," he snapped. She put her head in the air and placed her hands behind her back.
Hunters of Gor p146

Capture Position

The slave lays down upon her back, bending her knees to place her feet flat against the ground, hands at her side and remains motionless
The slave lays down upon her back, bending her knees to place her feet flat against the ground, her hands at her side and remains motionless

On your back," he said, "knees raised, heels on the floor." I then lay before him, in a standard, supine capture position.
Kajira of Gor, pg. 422

"On your back," he said, "knees raised, heels on the floor." I then lay before him, in a standard, supine capture position.
Kajira of Gor p422


Sometimes referred to as the collaring position or posture of female submission.In this position the slave kneels at the Master's feet and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in supplication.
The slave kneels before the one she begs the collar of, she places his right boot to her throat, she places her arms behind her back, crossing them at the wrists, and remains still, awaiting her fate, for him to either kill her or take her as his won

Then to my astonishment, the daughter of the Ubar Marlenus, daughter of the Ubar of Ar, knelt before me, a simple warrior of ko-ro-ba and lowered her head, lifting her arms, wrists crossed. It was.. The submission of a captive female. Without rising her eyes from the ground the daughter of the Ubar said in a clear, distinct voice. I submit myself. I was speechless fro a moment, but then remembering that harsh Gorean custom required me either to accept the submission or slay the captive, I took her wrists in my hands and said. I accept your submission
Page 93/94 Tarnsman of Gor

He took his strap off her throat, and unbound her hands Submit I told her. She knelt before me, back on her heels, arms extended, head down, between her arms, wrists crossed, as though for binding. I submit to you, Master. she said. I tied her hands together: she then lowered her bound wrists; I pulled up her head I held before her an opened collar, withdrawn from my sea bag. I had had one prepared.
Page 74 Explores of Gor.

"Assume the posture of female submission," I told her. She did so, kneeling back on her heels, her arms extended, wrists crossed, her head between them, down. She was weeping.
Tribesmen of Gor p359


The girl gets down on all fours, palms to elbows flat to the floor, her hips in the air with her forehead or cheek close to but not touching the floor and crawls to the Masters feet. This approach allows a girl to display her body to the master in a variety of enticing ways.

pointed to the stones at my feet. Crawl I said in Gorean. The girl slipped to her belly and as a slave girl crawled to my feet. She put her lips to my foot; I felt her hair over it.
Page 78, Tribesmen of Gor

Display Position

feet a little more than shoulders width apart, shoulders rolled back, fingers laced behind her neck, face turned to the left with eyes lowered

The auctioneer did not strike her with his whip. He merely took her arms and lifted them, so that the position chain, attached to each side of the sales collar lay across her upper arms. Then he had her clasp her hands behind the back of her neck, so that the chain, on each side of the collar, was in the crook of her arms, and she was exposed in such a way that she could be properly exhibited.
(page 36, Explorers of Gor)

Gorean Bow

kneels in nadu position, she bends her body backwards, her head to the floor, she places her hands by her head, and pulls up into a back bend. (this position is very painful to maintain for longer than 5 min)

we are searching for the quote for this position..-Book 9: Marauders of Gor, page 261


The girl stands and bows at the waist, letting her hair fall forward for display, to be seized or for any other purpose the Master might require. Another varient of this position sometime used is for the slave to stay in her previous position just bowing her head and letting her hair dangle before her for whatever use required.

I held my left hand open, at my waist. She stiffened, and looked at me, angrily. I opened and closed my left hand once. I saw her training in Gorean customs had been thorough. But she never thought that such a gesture would be used to her. She came beside me, and a bit behind me, and, crouching, put her head down, deeply. I fastened my hand in her hair. She winced. Women are helpless in this position.
Beasts of Gor p409


The slave goes to the Master's left if He is right handed, right if left handed and about one and a half paces behind Him. She follows His movements from that point.

The Forkbeard turned about and, one arm about Pudding, the other about Gunnhild, started from the dock. Hilda followed him, to his left. "She heels nicely," said Ottar. The men and bond-maids laughed. The Forkbeard stopped. Hilda's face burned red with fury, but she kept her head high. Pet sleen are taught to heel; so, too, sometimes, are bond-maids; I was familiar with this sort of thing, of course; in the south it was quite common for slave girls; in various fashions in various cities, to heel their masters. Hilda, of course, was a free woman. For her to heel was an incredible humiliation. The Forkbeard started off again, and then again stopped. Again, Hilda followed him as before. "She is heeling!" laughed Ottar.
Marauders of Gor p123

These things vary, I learned from city to city, and depend, also, on such matters as context and conditions. In a market, in the crowding and jostling for instance, a girl may follow so closely she pressed against the back of his left shoulder. Girls seldom follow behind and on the right. If she is thusly placed it is commonly a sign she is in disfavor. If more than one girl is involved, she who follows most closely on the left is generally taken to be in highest favor; girls compete for this position. In an open area, such a the fields in which we trekked, the girl is placed some five or ten feet behind, and on the left. If he must move suddenly she will not, thusly, constitute an impediment to his action.
Slave Girl of Gor p30


This is a position used most often with display slaves. The slave holds her head very high, exposing her neck.

"Lift your head, " he said. "Higher. Higher!" She looked up at him, her head far back, the leash on her throat.... "You need not now keep your head in high-harness position,", he said to the girl. She moved her head.
Mercenaries of Gor pgs308-309

Kneel to the Coffle

Kneels, normally thighs parted, up upon the heels and lifts either the left or right wrist outwards, depending on the type of coffle, so that the wrist can be attached to a wrist ring within the coffle chain

"Kneel to be coffled," said one of the men. The girls knelt, closely, one behind the other, there were six wrist rings on the chain he carried. He placed the girl who had been whipped by Lady Sabina first in the coffle line. "Left wrist coffle," he said. They lifted their left wrists, frightened. Interestingly, the man snapping the wrist rings on the girls’ left wrists did not put the first girl in the first ring, but the second. When the four maids were coffled there was, thus, an empty wrist ring both at the head and rear of the line. "Stand, Slaves," said the man. "Lower chain." The girls stood. Then, ordered, the lowered their wrists. They were then in line, standing, coffled.
Slave Gor of Gor p127


The slave stands and moves behind her Master,slightly to His left or right side depending on which of His hands is dominant,bending at the waist. She places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to her Master's hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair while walking.

In a moment I had left the building, pulling the captive behind me, her head down at my waist, in leading position.
Mercenaries of Gor pgs399-400


Kneel, thighs well parted, back straight or slightly arched, head held high, chin tilted to the left, hands at back with wrists crossed. This position is used to clip a leash onto the collar or for simple display/inspection of a slave girl.

"Lesha," snapped the second officer to the blond girl. She spun from facing him, and lifted her chin, turning her head to the left, placing her wrists behind her, as though for snapping them into slave bracelets.
Explorers of Gor p76

Modality of the She Quadruped

This is not technically a position but is definitely a command sometimes used for punishment. When ordered into this mode the slave stays on all fours, like an animal, and cannot speak or reach for things with her hands. she is kept quite definitely as only a mute pet much like any sleen would act. Sometimes the slave is even taught tricks she must learn without the help of verbal clues.

In this form of slavery, which is commonly used for disciplinary purposes, or for the amusement of the Master, the woman is not permitted to arise from all fours; similarly she is not permitted human speech, though she may signify needs and desires by such means as cringing, and moaning and whimpering. Not permitted the use of her hands, save as a means of locomotion, she must also eat and drink from pans set on the floor, or, sometimes to satisfy her thirst, she must lap the water permitted to her from puddles or lick pillages from the tiles; too, it is no uncommon to chain her near her master's feet, while he dines, that he may, if he wishes, throw her scraps of food. She will also be taught tricks, through which paces she may be put for the entertainment of her master's guests, such things as begging, lying down, rolling over, and fetching his sandals in her teeth. And, needless to say, when her master wishes to use her sexually, it will be a position common to the she-quadruped.
Guardsman of Gor p225


kneel with thighs spread wide, back held straight or arched slightly, breast thrust forward, head held high with eyes lowered, sitting back on heels, hands resting palms up or palms down on thighs. Palms up was considered a plea for rape in some circumstances.

Come now, my pretty slaves,' said Ginger, "kneel straight. Back straight, heads up. Back on your heels there! Spread those pretty knees. Yes, that is the way men like it. Put your hands, palms down, on your thighs. Good. good. Excellent!" The girls now knelt in the coffle as pleasure slaves.
Savages of Gor p155
"Nadu!" he snapped. She swiftly turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees. She knelt back on her heels, her back straight, her hands on her thighs, her head up, her knees wide. It was the position of the pleasure slave.
Explorers of Gor p77


When a slave is told to nestle she fits herself against the Master's side, snuggling into the crook of His arm.

"Nestle," I told her. "Yes, Master," she said. She nestled obediently in the crook of my left arm.
Explorer's of Gor p279


lays belly down beside Master and place chin on his feet
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There are three different forms of this position though all have the same basic meaning behind it. Each is a show of female submission.

1) the slave kneels in nadu with her head lowered.

2) from nadu, the slave lowers head to the ground, placing her hands against the ground, palms lowered. (this is sometimes refered to as karta)

3) the slave moves to her belly and slowly inches forward to the Master's feet and at that point proceeds to lick and kiss at them before bellying back somewhat. (this position is known among many as the "belly" position)

"There are many ways to perform obeisance. "I said. "I am a free woman," she said, " I know none of them." "I shall instruct you briefly in three," I said. " First kneel before me , back on your heels, yes, with your knees wide, wider, your hands on your thighs, your back straight, your breasts out, good, your belly in, good, and now lower your head in deference, in submission." "Now that," I said, " may not be exactly a form of obeisance, for authorities do not all agree, but for our purposes we shall count it as one. It is, at any rate, a beautiful position, and it is, certainly, a common position of slave submission." "Now" I said, " and this is clearly a form of obeisance, bend forward and put your head to the mat, the palms of your hands on the mat. Good. Now lift your head little and come forward, substantially keeping the position. Forward a little more." "But then my face will be at your feet," she said," My lips will be over them!" "Yes," I said, "Good, now, put your head down and lick and kiss my feet." "I am a free Woman!" She Said. "You are a woman," I said," now softly lingeringly, and lovingly, Good." "I am not a slave," she said "All women are slaves, "I said " Imagine what this would be like if you were truly a collared slave." She gasped. "Now" I said, "for a third form of obeisance. You may belly to me." "I do not understand," she whispered. "There are various forms of bellying, " I said, and bellying may be suitably and pleasingly combined with other forms of floor movements, approaching the Master on all fours, turning to your sides and back, writhing before him, and so on. We will take a very simple variation, suitable for an ignorant free female who has not yet even begun to discover the depths of her sexuality." She looked up at me. "On your belly," I said. She backed off a bit , and went to her belly. her hair was before her face, as she now on her belly before me looked up at me. "Now inch forward," I said, " remaining low on your belly, and when you reach my feet, once again, as before, lifting your head a little, tenderly and humbly, and beautifully, as though you were a slave, lick and kiss them. Good. Good. Now take my foot and place it gently on your head. Very good. Now place it again on the Mat, and kiss it again. Good. You may now belly back a little, humbly. I have not yet given you permission to rise of course."
Mercenaries of Gor p409-410


kneel and touch forehead to the floor, stretch arms out before you with palms face down and fingers spread

I knelt before the guest, putting the palms of my hands on the floor and my head to the tiles.
Kajira of Gor p305


slave runs keeping legs rigid and unbending at the knee, short rapid steps. Feet must stay close to the surface of the floor/ground
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moves to knees and elbows, hands clasped over your head, bottom in the air, ready for either being beaten on the bottom or being taken from behind like an animal

He knelt me there. "Put your head down, to the floor," he said. "Clasp your hands, firmly, behind the back of your neck." "Yes, Master," I moaned. He was then behind me. He put his hands, under my arms, on my breasts, sweetly and firmly. Then he moved his bands back, caressing my flanks. My head was down. My fingers were together, behind the back of my neck. I was in his collar. It was steel, I could not remove it. I belonged to him. My body hurt, from his whip, that of my master. My head hurt, from my hair, where I had been conducted, unceremoniously, to this location. "Please, Master," I sobbed. "Not like this! Not you, please!" "The slave is pretty," he remarked. "Oh!" I cried. "Oh!" "You have a lovely ass," he said. "Ohhh!" I said. "You may thank me," he said.
Kajira of Gor p434

Slaver's Kiss

to the floor on all fours, head lowered to the ground, bottom high in the air, thighs widely spread, slaves heat exposed
Explorers of Gor p40, Nomads of Gor, p168

Slave Lips

turn toward person who commanded it, purse lips and remain immobile until your freed from immobility with a kiss.

Similarly, I was not required to respond to certain sorts of commands, for example, to make "slave lips," pursing my lips for kissing, or to writhe slowly before my viewers.
Kajira of Gor p224

Slave Rape

You can infer from the books that there are many types but the standard is that the girl lays motionless and supine in preparation to be raped.

I went to the side of the room and picked up my sea bag. I threw it to the center of the room. She looked down at it puzzled. It was of heavy blue material, canvas, and tied with a white rope. "Lie down upon it," I told her, "on your back, your head to the floor." She did so. "No, please," she said, "not like this." It is a common position for a disciplinary slave rape. In it the woman feels very vulnerable, very helpless. I then took her.
Explorer's of Gor p202

Standard Binding Position

When ordered into standard binding position the girl lays on the ground, wrists crossed behind the back and ankles crossed. (this is most likely another name for bara)

"Standard binding position," he said. I was prone. When a girl is prone, the standard binding position is to cross the wrists behind the back and to cross the ankles. I took this position instantaneously.
Slave Girl of Gor p125


kneels, bends at the waist, places cheek to the floor, takes the Master's right foot and places it upon her neck, places arms behind back, crossing them at the wrist.
irc invention


lay on back on the floor, spread feet shoulder-width apart, and rest arms with palms up at sides, left knee flexed slightly to enhance the view. Keep eyes lowered and await inspection

"Sula, Kajira!" said the man. She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, legs open.
Explorers of Gor p77


lays on back on the floor feet to the floor, hands at sides palms open and up, legs are spread widely apart, ready for sex or bondage or control lift hips off the floor slowly to entice usage
irc invention


goes to hands and knees, locking elbows, knees spread and firmly to the floor, make back smooth and level, head held level (can be used to set things on, or as a foot prop, or anything else required.)
irc invention

Tower Kneel

see nadu, alteration: knees are closed and thighs are pressed closely together (this position is used most often used to serve Mistresses)wrists may or not be crosses as your owner decides.

The position of the Tower Slave, in which Vika knelt, differs from that of a free woman only in the position of the wrists which are held before her and, when not occupied, crossed as though for binding...The position of the Pleasure Slave, incidentally, differs from the position of both the free woman and the Tower Slave. The hands of a Pleasure Slave normally rest on her thighs but, in some cities, for example, Thentis, I believe, they are crossed behind her. More significantly, for the free woman's hands may also rest on her thighs, there is a difference in the placement of the knees. In all these kneeling positions, incidentally, even that of the Pleasure Slave, the Gorean woman carries herself well; her back is straight and her chin is high. She tends to be vital and beautiful to look upon."
Priest Kings of Gor pgs46-47

Usage Position

on hands and knees, legs parted widely, head straight, hair falling across her back, remain motionless waiting for command
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walk, move with grace, feet hardly leaving the floor, in controlled small steps consciously making her body appear seductive (hips sway, breasts movements, etc)
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Whipping Position

quickly drops to knees, and place forehead to the floor, hips raised high, cross arms across belly fingers gripping your sides.

I went to Targo, trembling, and knelt at his feet... I crossed my wrists beneath me and touched my head to the floor, exposing the bow of my back. It is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished. It is called Kneeling to the Whip.
Captive of Gor p200

A Note on Non-Verbal Commands

It is important that a slave be alert to their Master as commands are not always given orally

He suddenly snapped his fingers and, in the swift double gesture of the Gorean Master, pointed to a place on the dirt floor before him, almost simultaneously turning his hand, spreading the first and index fingers, pointing downwards. I fled to him and knelt before him, my knees in the dirt, in the position of the pleasure slave, my head down, trembling.
Captive of Gor p143

Please note: These descriptions are the basic mechanics for these positions and should be personalized to fit the slave that is performing them, without corrupting the position. Meaning that a brief description of hair color, eye color, and "feelings" should try to be conveyed. When performing them r/l for practice or at Another's command, please keep in mind the picture you offer when doing so.. the position of your body.. how tense your muscles are. Everything about your body will convey a message to a Master much clearer than you actually saying a word.

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